Viewtiful GreenEdit

In a peaceful day joe and blue walk up to a tree "Joe i would like to show you something" blue says as the walk up to the tree

"this is the tree of life" blue grabs a leaf "it is rumored that life will bloom from every leaf on it" blue hands joe one of the leafs

" Whooa, so someone could have just come to life?" replied Joe

"well i'm not sure really" blue said as joe set down the leaf "it's just a rumor"

"hmmmm i wonder if its tru-" Joe stopped because a leaf hit him.

Blue looks over and sees the leaf had gathered alot of energy "whats going on" blue looks as it drains some of his energy

"Wha-whats going on Blue!!!" Joe sees the leaf transforming

"arhhhhh" a mysterious voice comes from the leaf as it forms into a shape resembling viewtiful joe.

"Here we go! " Joe says, "Henshin a Go Go Baby!" he transforms into Viewtiful joe. " Time to kick some-" "Stop!" Blue interupts. " I dont think he means us harm"

"what, were am I." a green figure stands up, what is this place.

"What the...?" Joe says confused " he looks exactly like me? What are you?"

"Um, I guess I'm..........uhhhhh. I don't know" he gets up stareing at joe

"Well, uhm, Im joe, this is blue..."

"well uhh" he looks at joe "if i look like you then i must have some of you powers as well"

" haha ya right! Like you can use this! SLOW!" everything turns into slow motion. Then, the misterious figures appears at normal speed. He can use slow too!

"Wait slow........ then how about.MACH SPEED" he starts to run around the field "hot, hot, hot." he comes to a stop.

Blue stares at the figure for a minute then says " well it looks like you do have our powers then hmm? well, you need a name dont you?"

"Well i do look like him" He points to Joe "mabye something like"

"Beutiful jo- no that won't work"

"Captin Joe, ehh not going to happen

"Viewtiful blue, close"

"Viewtiful green, thats it"

"Ok Viewtiful green" blue replies " How about you become a super hero!"

"A....Super...H-hero" Green eyes grow huge "YEEEEES!!!"

Marine JeffEdit

One day ina marine biology lab, a man named Jeff and his crew are working on their very own V-watch to see if it can actually work in real life. Of course, all of their attempts had failed. " lets try again" said Jeff.

"i think we're missing something Jeff," said one of the scientists to Jeff as he was handing him the V-watch.

"Well were gonna make it work...eveentually" said Jeff "Ok here we go. Henshin!!" nothing happens.

" I told you Jeff," exclaimed a scientist " It just wont work in real life! I think it only works in Movieland!"

"hmm..." thought Jeff " Aha! lets try it underwater!"

" well ok" said a scientist as he rolled a big tank over.

Jeff got in the tank and said "Henshin!" Jeff felt power surrounding him he felt invincable he!-didnt do anything.

" I told you Jeff, it just wont work. Im leaving now guys see ya."

"Ya im going too" said a scientist.

"same here. see ya Jeff, im sorry things didnt work out."

"Oh well.. just a dream bye guys." said Jeff. All the other scientists left the room.

The next day Jeff goes on his average swim at the ocean. As he was swimming, he saw a litle crystal in the shape of a "V". He took it back to the lab to see if there was anything special about it.

"hmm this looks very interesting..." he said.

He was looking around to see if the "V" shape had anything to do with the "V"-watch. He saw a little hole in the side of the V-watch. The weird crystal fit exactly in and the V-watch started to glow.

"oh my gosh! could this be it!?" Jeff exclaimed as he put the V-Watch on.

"Here goes nothing! HENSHIN WATER TRANSFORM!!!!!!!!!!!" Jeff suddenly appeared in blue tights, with a box on his back, one twisty horn on his helmet, frog like boots, and a grey mouthpiece!

"Im-Im a Superher-" Suddenly a portal opens and sucks Jeff in!

The portal opens ina city somewhere and Jeff gets flung out. Jeff keeeps fallign and flipping until he lands on someone!

"ow" said Jeff. "that hurt"

"ow! hey! get off of me!" said the mysterious padestrian.

"oh hey sorry dude i didnt mean to- where am I?

"What do you mean where am I? your in movieland of course!" said the green figure.

"Wait, so im A superhero!? Like Joe?

"well you look like it said the padestrian.


"Hey, Im Viewtiful green. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too um, Viewtiful green, you look a LOT like viewtiful Joe. Are you sure you guys aren't like brothers or anything?" said Marine Jeff

"Nope, but i think im his clone or somthing" Green scratches the back of his head

"ok so whats your real name, I mean Viewtiful green is your superhero name. But what is your REAL name?" Jeff says with curiosity

"uuhhh Viewtiful Green" he sighs, while he still stratches his head.

"You seem really confused. Do you remeber anythign about yourself?

"No i don't" Green looks down "All I Remember are two pictures of my life" he pauses "One is a picture of me and my mother"

Whats the other picture", he asks curiously

"And one of me, and a girl. I was being grabbed by this hand, and she was reaching out to get me. But she didn't reach me in time" he holds back a tear.

"wow, sorry to um... hear that, i guess. So what are you planning to do now?" he tries to cheer up the mood.

"I'm going to find away home" Green replied

"Do you even know where 'home' is?" asks Jeff

"No I don't" he says

"Well then how are you planning to- What the heck?!" Jeff sees something big and blue coming at them from a distance in the ocean.

Battle BruceEdit

"What is that" Green hides behind Jeff.

"It-it looks lika a-a tidal wave..." Jeff runs behind Green.

"Uhh lets run" Green runs away

"NO Wait! Maybe we could be heros and save the day-" jeff sees a demented shark riding on top of the wave which is now 30 feet away. "ok lets run" Jeff runs after Green

"Mabye your right" green stops "let be heros" green punches at the wave to make a pose, and destroyes the wave with a shock wave "Wow"

"Heh maybe we can be heros-" The demented shark jumps right infront of Jeff. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" jeff screams

"hello," he says to Green and Jeff, " my name is gran Bruce-" Jeff punches Gran Bruce so hard he goes flying into a building. The building collapses. "Thats for scaring me! and remember I do know Tai Kwan Do!!!" Jeff shouts.

"Don't leave me out" Evan jumps up extremlly fast and punches bruce into a building.

"NIce hit!" all of a sudden Gran Bruce Jumps out of the building, lands behind Marine Jeff, and punches him. Jeff rolls across the beach into the ocean. Jeff gets up and notices something...

"I-I Im walking on water?! Jeff says. He jumps into the air to go to Bruce and notices a trail of water follows behind him. "Woah, I can manipulate water!! wait that means-" Gran Bruce jumps at Jeff and shouts "Enough of your babbling!!!" Jeff then goes under the water, and all of a sudden gets lifted out of the water on a Tidal Wave. "Not so tough now are ya?" says Jeff as he stands on the Tidal wave. he then makes the Tidal Wave land on gran Bruce, which sends him shooting into the Depths of the ocean. " Your turn Green" Jeff gives him a thumbs up.

"lets see if i got this down" Green jumps in the air and uses slow. "Concucion fist!!!" Evan slams a wave into the water causing Gran to stand on dry land

"Take this" Green uses mach speed and runs down the hole in the water punching bruce 100 times before jumping back up, so the water collapses on bruce. "Alright"

"And for the finishing touch, you might wanna move out of the way. Time to make the water density in this are, umm 100!" Jeff sticks his hand in the water and turns it into the hardness of stone, crushing Bruce. " That should do it." They wait for another hour but Bruce doesnt come back out of the ocean. "Well were heros!!!!"

Unexpected PowerEdit

"Whats that?" Green jumps up to the top of a building, as the water glows red

"noone could survive my water density attack!" Jeff says kinda scared as he jumps to another building. The water starts rippling. By now, all the cicilians of the city ran away from fright. Its just Green Jeff and their nemisis, Gran Bruce...

Green and Jeff were waiting for something to happen "HENSIN SHARK MODE!!!" Wooosh a light came out of the water and Gran bruce jumped out, but he was in hensin

Hyper gran bruce

gran bruce while in hensin

Jeff suddenly screams like a little sissy girl and hides behind Green.

Green faints.

Jeff then has a change in attitude, but then faints.

"Uhhh, Hello?" Hyper gran bruce pokes Green, and Jeff.

Jeff wakes up and goes "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He then punches Hyper Gran Bruce agin into another building. " I TOLD YOU TO STOP SCARING ME!" he shouts.

Marine Jeff vs Hyper Gran BruceEdit

"Ok thats it im tired of getting beaten up! now its your turn idiotic fool! you will be crushed!!!!" shouted hyper Gran Bruce.

"Oh wow im so scared! Ok well I actually am kinda scared, of course you only hit me once that one battle we had!!!"

Now im in henshin, this is going to be a lot different. Now, lets get sarte-WOAH!' the building collapses on Hyper Gran Bruce.


"Not funny!!" A large ball of water nails Jeff and sends him flying in the air. Bruce then apears at top speeds spin kicks Jeff into the ground

"ok, OW!" said Jeff. "well, now its my turn!!" He does a backflip and, in the air, uses Viewtiful Forever, launching Bruce into the air. As Bruce is still flipping in th air, Jeff makes a wall of water come out of the ocean making Bruce samash into it. He then jumps up and starts punching Bruce at such massive speed and strength, that he braks through the wall, shattering it. Before Bruce hits the water, Jeff punches Gran into the ocean.

"huff, huff" Jeff wheezes.

All of a sudden, Bruce jumps out of the water and starts punching at Jeff, Jeff punches back. It is a frenzy of fast punches, kicks, blocks, and powers. Then, Bruce puts his hand in the water and says "Tsunami Terror!!!" Suddenly a huge tidalwave about 2 miles high rises out of the water. Its shadow covers the city.

"You shall be crushed!!" shouts Gran Bruce.

Jeff goes to run out of the way, but notices Green still lieing there. The Tidal wave falls.

"No Green!!" Jeff jumps over to the building, grabs green and throws him out of the way of the Tidal Wave. The tidal wave crushes Jeff. the city floods with water.

"Muahahahahah! My revenge has come at last!"

Green wakes up floating in the water. "What-what happened? huh! Wheres Jeff!!!"

"Dead. hes now crushed under the water we are on." said Hyper Gran Bruce with a smile. "He risked his life for yours. But no bother, your even weaker than him! He was the only one who stood a chance, because could use water like me."

"You-youre gonna pay for this! Youve killed my friend, destroyed this city, and terrorized everyone here!!! This is your final appearance, Gran Bruce!"

"hmhmhmhmhmhm this is gonna to be very, very easy..."

Viewtiful Green vs Hyper Gran BruceEdit

"Take this you monster" Green vanishes, and punches Bruce in the gut several times. On the last punch Green sends a shock wave through his fist.

Gran bruce goes skidding back, but doesnt look like he got hurt at all. "My powers are too strong for yours! Like i said, only water attacks from your "friend" would show real affect on me!"

"Well Take this" Green pulls back his arms, then lunges them at Bruce. causing a huge tidal wave engulfing Bruce.

As the water subsides, Green notices that Gran Bruce has a bubble sheild around him. "Hahahahahahaha!! Dont think ill be hurt THAT easily!" He swings his arms sideways launching a huge tidal wave at Green. Green stares at the tidal wave uses his concussion fist to blast a hole through the wave. Green jumps through that hole and does a concussion kick. Gran Bruce punches the huge kick away. Both chellengers stare at eachother. "Well, not so tough now are ya' "says Gran Bruce.

One more time Green sends a wave at Bruce, but he just blocked it again. As the wave cleared Viewtiful Green was gone "Were did he go??" Bruce wined

Bam! Green mach speeds out from under the water, slamming his fist into The sharks chin, followed bye a knee to the gut. Sending them both upwards, Green then followed up with a barrage of kicks and punches. at the peak of the jump, Green slams into Bruces head with a concussion kick sending him down,slaming them into the ground with the force of an Odama Rasengan. Hurting him, but it wasn't enough to kill him.

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