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Hulk Davidson

Back stageEdit

(Gran Bruce) "hey all you uhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhh" (flip into a pose) "flip into a pose"

(Viewtiful joe) "ha all of you know I'm the main character"

(director blue) "CUT......Joe what are you doing here didn't Alaster tell you, you weren't in this movie"

(viewtiful Joe) "wait I'm not in the movie, then who's going to save the day.

(director blue) "two new heroes"

(Joe) "two new heroes?"

[Green and marine walk in]

(Green) "Hey Joe guess what I'm in a movie"

(marine) "i never thought i would be famous"

[Joe leaves]

(green) "hey Joe were are you going"


(director blue) "okay bruce do you have it down"

(bruce) "yes"

(director blue) 3.......2......1......ACTION

[screen starts with water in the backround and Gran bruce standing in the middle]

"Hey all of you" gran bruce flips into a battle pose "I'm back and ready for revenge."

"oh really" Marine flips in punching gran bruce of the camera view

"yah a bone head like you doesn't stand a chance" Green runs in while punching him across the screen

"we're the new heros on the block" Green and jeff say in unison

"oh no you don't" gran bruce jumps back "You haven't seen nothing yet"

he readys in a hensin pose, "i'm going to show you heros what a true villan can do" Gran waves his arm "ready, hensin shark bomb"

Green and marine stare confused

(director blue) "cut" he gives them a thumbs up "nice work"

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